create jobs

Keep and Create Jobs

Kris Jordan has consistently opposed government red tape and wasteful regulations that undermine job creation. Government should be supporting the growth of small businesses by encouraging development, innovation and streamlining or eliminating regulations.

fiscal conservative

Fiscal Conservative

Kris Jordan has an unmatched record of protecting your tax dollars, twice earning the Watchdog of the Treasury Award. As Delaware County Commissioner he fought against property tax increases. As a member of the state legislature, he has opposed all tax increases and authored his own budgets that cut spending and was the author of the bill to eliminate the estate tax.

protect life

Protecting Life

Kris Jordan has been a leader in the fight to protect the unborn. We can trust Jordan to protect the sanctity of life 100% of the time. He has sponsored numerous bills to protect innocent children.

defending our rights and freedoms

Defending Our Rights & Freedoms

Kris Jordan is a member of the NRA and is a CCW license holder. He has consistently defended and protected our constitutional rights. His work has earned him the Freedom Award from the Ohio Christian Alliance and the Champion of Liberty award from the Republican Liberty Caucus.